Meet the Team

Amanda, Broke But Hustling Bio Picture

Amanda Snider is a one-of-a-kind artist and a Jill of All Trades.
Graduating from the Graphic Design program at St. Lawrence in 2008, with Honours and Distinction, Amanda has been creating eye-catching, award winning designs ever since.

She is no stranger to kicking ass and taking names with her designs. In 2011, she had poster designs in the running for a Canadian Dermatology Award, as well as winning a spot in the Moniker Screen Printing Design Competition, which had her Tote Bag Design for sale nation-wide. 

With youth's starry eyes, she began her career with optimism... by getting swept up in the economic crash of 2008. Derp. Living to tell the tale with humour and grace and never giving up, no matter what the universe threw at her, Amanda is the perfect person to bring the concerns, frustrations and hopes of young adults to life.

At broke But Hustling, she serves as Chief Design Officer (CDO), creating on-brand design for Products and Marketing purposes, while also using her keen eye to ensure that the photography is on point to meet her sister's tyrannical demands.  



Jenn, Broke But Hustling Bio Picture

Jenn spends her days helping brands find their voice as a freelance copywriter. And in the evenings? She continues to write on her personal blog: How to Be a Modern Adult, where she discusses everything she learns on her journey to becoming a (hopefully) successful serial entrepreneur.

After seeing what her writing could do for other retail businesses, she decided it was finally time to start one of her own, with her own brand of humour. So, she called her sister and told her it was time to build the business they had been talking about for years: Broke But Hustling. No matter what happens with this venture, she could not be more proud of what she and Amanda have achieved so far, and you better believe you’ll be able to read all about it on!